Engaged At Nineteen

Engaged At Nineteen

    I began a documentary series upon my engagement at nineteen years old.

The series captures everything that goes into the relationship of my partner and I. The day to day of laundry and cooking, the drama inflicted onto a couple from outsiders, the joy that could be brought only by ones true love and of course the intimate moments that no one else sees besides through what I choose to capture with my camera.

When I would show images from my series the only critiscm I would hear is ,"you need to bring the drama". In my head this translated very tangibly, Isaac and I are lucky enough to have about .00001% drama in our relationship. Did people want me to begin forcing negativity and insecurities into my relationship just for the sake of more appealing art?  

    I began making images of Isaac and I in the midst of sex, after, before, remnants of the event you would find later on such as a blouse tossed atop a plant prior to the affair. These images began to satisfy the viewers and fulfilled their need for drama within my series.

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