Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

WELCOME to Not Your Mother's Breast Milk!

Hello hello!

       I'd like to thank you for visiting our site and welcome you to our official launch! It's been a rocky road trying to get this site off the ground for the past fifteen months, but we're finally here. 

      To give a proper introduction, this site is dedicated to art that reflects humanity. Being a person in this world can be joyful, difficult, funny, absurd, painful, and beautiful. Often times, we can feel so alone and we here at NYMBM believe that art is what can connect us all. Through art, we relate to one another, connecting on a level much deeper than a text message or tweet. Art is about externalized emotion, love visualized, pain spread across the floor. If this is our connecting thread, we should celebrate it. And so we shall.

      Things you'll find on this site: essays about difficult relationships, think pieces about masturbation, poetry about racial tensions, photography celebrating the beauty of the human body, short stories about age and sexuality, book reviews, and more. 

      So take a look around, check out the work, and visit us again to see what's new. New pieces will appear throughout the day, so check back tonight to see what new work we're sharing!

     Want to learn more about our team? Check out the About Us page to get to know our team!

     Feel like your work fits with our site? Visit our submissions page to send us your work!

You're beautiful, now and always.

William Grant


From the Archives: The Work of Felix d'Eon

From the Archives: The Work of Felix d'Eon