A Poem by Pegi Deitz Shea

(After Mohamad Hafez’s “His Majesty’s Throne – 

When societies allow their leaders to perform some verbal diarrhea" )


A gilded-framed portrait

of Donald Trump on

a gilded throne hangs

above a gilded toilet

in a spacious bathroom

with gilded fixtures

beneath gilded lights.


He’s wearing a blue

Donald Trump suit

and a Donald Trump shirt

and a Donald Trump tie—

his clothing line

all made in China.                        



He is sporting

bushy black eyebrows

and a bushy black mustache

made famous by Dictator

Saddam Hussein

who lived in a palace

and gassed his people.



Donald Trump’s words

wash down pipes

that empty upon

the tiny houses

beneath him

and splatter

the tattered

clothes lines

between them.



Trump is

President, and


of the United States

of America.

His followers say

he speaks for them

as they drown

in his tweets.


Dancing or wearing almost nothing at all

Dancing or wearing almost nothing at all

But I Was There Too . . .

But I Was There Too . . .