Things Appropriate

Things Appropriate

Things Appropriate

A Poem by Madison Stone

I am sorry

I changed the channel yesterday

to watch something easier to swallow.

I wasn’t in the mood for that horrid mouthful.


I am sorry

People are playing blame games,

bellowing and excusing your mourning.

But it’s morning and you’re looking out

the window at the streets as they glisten.

You remain in your hospital bed

waiting on your next incision.


I am sorry

Acorns, dry leaves and cinnamon are all

things appropriate to drop on this autumn season.

Not faultless beings on now blood stain concrete.

There is no valid reason.


I am sorry

Hatred triggers outrage.

They described it as rats being caught in a maze

but you know firsthand that sometimes the way,

isn’t always the right way.


I’m sorry

Country music is silenced with gunfire,

bullets banging this country but

more importantly;


I am so sorry

that three of them

leave an scar on your skin.


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