A #MeToo Poem from N.A.

I hate my chest

Two mounds of fat literally weighing me down

Fetishized as an attractor to the opposite sex

Sold to sixty dollar bras and promises of beauty

When I wore a binder people thought I was strange

I have a gift, they said

Wait? Aren’t you proud of them? Don’t be afraid to show them off, girl!

No I’m not, you see

I just really hate these two bumps on my chest

In fact, I would go under the knife to end the

hollers on the street

the nasty opinions

and womanly advice

I am seventeen years old

And my chest is sold

To middle aged men

And porn companies

And billboards

And movies

And jokes

And stares

And calls

And texts

And gropes

And today I am told that I have a gift

N.A. is a high school Junior in Southern California who will write poetry until the end of time. She is absolutely honored to be published in NYMBM. She plans to pursue Political Science and English in University. She has been published in "Just Poetry National Poetry Quarterly" as a national winner, "Genre: Urban Arts," "The Same Literary Magazine," "Internet Void Journal,” and “Rue Scribe.” 

This Was Just the Way It Was

This Was Just the Way It Was