A #MeToo Poem by Mel Lademann

Now let me tell you a story about when I was six

I met a man who was very sick

He always made me suck his dick

But he’d always let me stay up late

Even if he watched me masturbate.

Now things just kept going on and on

I wasn’t limited to sucking cock

Sometimes I also had to fuck

But I’d always get to stay up late

And he’d finger me and masturbate.

Now let me tell you when I got to school,

I would suck all the boys off too,

And you know I was only in grade two.

And the grade three boys would emulate

They would stand around me and masturbate.

Now the time I got to grade six

I was pretty good at sex

Even though I ended up in a hospital bed

Where they told me I’d never be having kids.

But I’m off the track, I was on grade six

And that’s where a met this year seven kid

He took me down the lane so I would

suck his dick

But he wanted a bit more than this

He pushed me to the ground

and fucked me hard

I asked him to stop but he just called me slut.

And when I got to pull my pants up

He did emulate

Stood over me to masturbate.

Now when I got to high school, things got much worse

I started wanting to kiss the girls

And this didn’t really go down well at all

They started to bash me in the halls.

And this went on for many years.

They called me a freak and a fucking lezzo

They called me a cunt and fucking weirdo

They’d spit on me and punch me the head

And when I got home I’d just go to bed

I would emulate

Read my Playboys and masturbate.

Now when I got to University

I finally met the girl of my dreams

And we would go to a lot of parties

And let me tell you at one of these

Some guy grabbed me on my tits

I told him I was with some chick

He told me that he didn’t give a shit

He pinned me down

And he did emulate

And used my leg to masturbate.

Now with this girl, things didn’t work out

It was the first time I got a broken heart

And in a bid to try an escape

I decided I would turn to drugs

Now the drug lifestyle can be very exciting

Criminals and riches all very inviting

And I found myself on the the list of the VIPs

It was a different kind of Ectasy

So I‘d go to the clubs

and I would emulate

Take home strangers and masturbate.

And I’ll tell you how this came to an end

It was when I walking with my girlfriend

And I couldn’t believe that this could happen again

I thought I’d got rid of my shame

But three men deciced to rape

And they weren’t content with caving in my face

They also had to emulate

And forced us both to masturbate.

Now some of these things, well they fucked me up

I find it hard to keep a job

I’m not very good with relationships

I’m not very good at keeping friends

I’m not very good at a lot of things.

And there’s a whole heap more litany

Of the things I carry around with me

Like my confusion and anxiety

So you can call me a lesbian

A radical feminist who hates all men

But the truth is, in the end

I got sick of watching them emulate

And I’m sick of watching them masturbate

Mel Lademann

Mel has spent the last five years working with children affected by trauma to help them re-engage with school. She is currently studying a Masters of Teaching (Primary) degree to further develop her skills in working with disengaged students.

Mel lives in regional Australia with her three children and two cats.



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