Rape rehearsal with the one I love

Rape rehearsal with the one I love

Rape rehearsal with the one I love

A #MeToo Poem by Atieno

Tie me up

Whip me

Spank me

Bite me

Pull my hair

Gag me

Blindfold me

Call me whore


Your slave



Fuck toy

Cum dumpster

Use me to masturabate

Spill onto my face

Wait until you’re ready, to get the towel

Don’t forget to be rough

When you don’t warn me you’ll do anal next

Make me vomit- choke- cry

While you force me down on your cock

Call me princess- babydoll- good girl

When you’re spent, and done with me

Make me beg for it, lust for it, think I enjoy it

I say this because

hopefully if this happens with someone who loves me,

At home, where there’s a safe word, and aftercare

I’ll eventually be prepared

For when it happens “for real”

And no words or actions on my part could stop it.

Maybe it should concern me, that you get off on this.

But I know you’re not malicious, you’re average, even.

You’ve watch the porn full of trendy kinks since, forever.

It’s in our best interest, that I be your personal porn star.

Maybe it’s empowering- being powerless...

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