Cogitation and Bruises

Cogitation and Bruises

Cogitation and Bruises

A Poem by Richard King Perking II

I wear my veil of placidity proudly;


to give off an air of unflappability

has become important to me

as I’ve grown older—


I’m the guy who has all the answers


although I must admit that sometimes

what I give is not really an answer

but simply the least objectionable path


so when your urgent call for me

strikes out

from the shriveling grey darkness


I’m not even in the position to hear you.


After five years of cogitation and bruises

I’m certain there’s no simple solution.


However, there is a least objectionable path

that exists


but still, I realize it’s going to be 

a kidney and spleen night 

filled with silent and screaming wreckage.


But if this escape from a failed heaven 

is going to work


you’re going to have to show me the place

where you’ve hidden your Pik-Up Stix 

and wings—


feather or leather


at this point, I don’t really care.

I’m cool with just about anything


except waiting for more of the sam

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