Cookie Cutter Life

Cookie Cutter Life

Cookie Cutter Life

A Poem by Madison Stone

You said you rescue the broken

so come fast, bring a dustpan and broom-

when you’re done I should be able

to sleep in white sheets.


You’re disappointed that I don’t smoke cigarettes

so I’ll split open my lungs fill them with tar,

stitch them back together with your hunger

and blow that fume right into your lips.


You like me here


Hidden somewhere between your

next glass of wine and yesterday’s

blood stained grapes.


This is how you want to me


Apart of your cookie cutter life;

the perfect portrait.

I try and throw sticks but you’re made of stone.

Your enticed by the ingredients

leaking from my skin.


So cake me with sugar

smooth me over with desire,

cut my edges, dice my borders-

tell me to bake and I’ll burn.


My brittle bones; your sculpting clay


Your love, a semi truck at dusk leaving pollution in the shadows.

Your love, a sail boat on parched land.

Your love        would love me if it could.

...and into the Fire

...and into the Fire

Sideshow Starters

Sideshow Starters