Beyond Iodine: a novel idea

Beyond Iodine: a novel idea

Beyond Iodine: a novel idea

A Poem by Mark G. Pennington

Under willow in cemetery,

Revelations through guttural tones:

Thoughts on suicide.

Thinking about a dentist

Who keeps moving the body.

Everybody’s lost somebody,

Somebody has lost everybody.

Mordent machine continues

playing in ears.

An obsession develops;

She wouldn’t let you stick it to her

But you got her good.

It was a crime of passion –

In the cemetery you can talk,

Nobody minds.

Elizabeth’s monologue before death:

She reminisces,

Childhood play and tears in morgue;

Elizabeth requests crying;

Remembers teeth in middle of night,

Hair planted in hand.

I like to play pretty woman,

She smiles.

Just before the geese,

He could dump the girl

At the brook.

She could be found,

But Joseph could

Develop sepsis,

Intravenous fluids work,

But confused.

And then later be charged.

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