Bugs In My Bed

Bugs In My Bed

Bugs In My Bed

A Visual Art Series by Jessica Roman

We've all experienced anxiety. I can make a list of many of the things that keep me up at night.  

My shitty job. 

My bills. 

My teenage brother's future. 

My mother's health. 

My deported brother in Mexico. 

My dad and how I haven't talked to him since he moved out.

My lack of romantic relationships due to disinterest.

Political bullshit. 

The latest celebrity scandal.

Will I go back to school? 

You name I've thought about it. 

But one thing that I can recall keeping me up almost the whole night, weirdly the most irrational thing that could keep me up was bed bugs. 

Yes, these nasty creatures that suck your blood at night rated higher than my own mother's health on my intrusive thought scale. There was a time where I stayed up hours into the night searching every little surface of my bedroom trying to see if I could kill these creatures before they could hide away. Even after getting rid of the problem any little thing rubbing on my leg or arm will send me into a frenzy searching for these hidden nasty smelly soul sucking abominations. The paintings I made years later captured that anxiety that I would feel every time the lights went off. It's both a literal and metaphorical representation of the anxiety that keeps my brain firing away, unable to shut itself down and give me a decent night’s rest. 

Jessica Roman

Jessica Roman is a native Chicagoan who works with various visual art elements. On top of her art you can find her being the literal fashion police, collecting clown figures, researching memes, listening to Cumbia rebajada and making reaction gifs. 

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