Mad Girl's Day Job

Mad Girl's Day Job

Mad Girl’s Day Job

A Poem by Brittany Barron

Mad Girl is a spin class instructor: 

she wears her hair 

in a high pony, no strays.

She slips into tight black leggings

and a matching bandeau.

Her water bottle flaunts

Namaste, all day.

Mad Girl spins so fast 

her heart shakes 

in her chest, 

her cheeks redden 

like chokecherries,

sweat drips from her lips.

Spin faster. 

Spin harder.

Spin until you can’t breathe. 

Mad Girl spins until, 

in the studio’s mirror, 

she sees the ghost 

of Baby Girl 

along her jawline. 

If Baby Girl

could speak now, 

she’d tell Mad Girl,

I never wanted you 

to feel this way.

Mad Girl pretends 

Baby Girl isn’t there.

Baby Girl is better off dead.

Mad Girl is better off spinning.

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