Angler Fish

Angler Fish

Angler Fish

A Poem by Hanna Harris

The male angler fish, 

in lieu of finding food in deep sea conditions, 

will attach himself to a female & drain the nutrients from her blood. 


I often wonder if this is only natural,

 the feeding & the righteous fins, bioluminescent in my drain & fuck,

how we extend towards the sky flanked by vestigial traumas.


For this, the male angler fish is much smaller 

than the female, and the man on my TV says 

this is the greatest sacrifice in the animal kingdom. 


There is so little food here, the female angler fish 

have learned not to be picky, deconstructed stomachs 

to mesh laundry bags, gaped in scaly gratitude 

at each wandering particle, put on a mean face 

& swam out into darkness


guess I'll be my own damn sun, guess I have to be, 

again, enough for me & all the needy teeth planted 

in my underside, all the men & their hard forms 

limp against me, expectantly


guess I homemake my body, 

coral reefs are the cities made of dead 

but that's so far above us so we are blind 

& they call me scary now 

but they





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