At 42

At 42

At 42

A Poem by Aurelia Roe

I’ve discovered my body has secrets 

hidden like notes from an admirer

Dropped like breadcrumbs along

the path of my spine

each one more thoughtfully tucked and revealed 

than the last

Notes that read like bedtime stories

and feel like the caress of warm whispers into my neck, 

the soothing kiss of a familiar flame

yet entirely new and delightfully free from

self-doubt or deprecation  

from the natural maturing of 

a sentient being

Sensuality visits me with a growing consistency and 

I pause now in the mirror to see my own

reflection’s surprise at what has arrived

and what may stay 

The softness in curves moved by

hips that walk with assurance

the fullness of my chest held within relaxed shoulders

awakened by the strong furnace of my lungs

fueled by many years of intimacy 

with breathing

The supple shape of my posture 

an outline of desire that can stand

from head to toe and hold a 

full body of contentment

one that has created life

and is now living in 

the pleasure of her own

I recognize myself instantly and

we nod playfully to one another as

I leave the reflection for the day

with anticipation for 

whatever happens next 

dental damn

dental damn

Birthing My Body

Birthing My Body