A Poem by Aurelia Roe

it began as softly as a plump drip from a faucet, its presence barely audible, 

whispering in my ear and then gone, nothing accumulated

until it began waking me in the night, the sound of rivets popping. I recognized 

this rhythm, familiar as my own and from its source began to flow into me, 

into daylight it arrived, from where I have no idea

and this concerns me still as it could, I fear, withdraw at any time.

it runs through my veins now, the sounds of a zipper sewed into my flesh

quenching a thirst for a need I did not know I had.

how far does it reach?  I cannot say. I admit I know as much about its influence 

as I do about where rain water ultimately arrives.

back to its source, if it must return, 

there will surely be an undertow and I wonder if it will consume me.

what will it take in return? loosened as it has all of my senses,

awakening slumbering cells that have waited to stretch and feel their way to the surface.

surely, there is a reservoir within myself to contain this surge and yet, at times, I feel 

as though I cannot possibly hold it within the boundaries of my skin. the dream I will awaken 

one day to discover it was simply passing through leaves me in a cold sweat. I have come

to rely on its nourishment, a deep hunger surfaced and simultaneously satisfied.

I have allowed myself to follow it so willingly without knowing first where it is headed. 

so connected to my birthright it must be to feel this free and impassioned, 

as if my body has realigned itself all on its own, the way bone gives way to gravity or 

how a lake’s surface moves effortlessly with the wind.

the sweetness of something so entirely unexpected

I am here, opened, not knowing I had been so fastened all these years. 

The Nipple

The Nipple

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