Grandeur of Libido

Grandeur of Libido

Grandeur of Libido

A Poem by Aurelia Roe

It occurs to me in the

moment we are both

undressed to begin 

what we know how to 

do so well,

my body is natural comfort 

no confusion of limbs

or garments

a confidence fueled by

a knowing grown in decades

no longer in years and so 

many years since it was days

when we pressed our bodies

in awkward excitement to

dowse a heat destined to consume

us both so willingly

It occurs to me in the dark

how my body is compelling, a feast

fulfilling meal to the parts of

you needing to be nourished

in an instant as you relax 

in the places you seek to 

fold and release, press and bend

I feel the fullness of my vitality 

embracing all I have created

with and without you, braided into

the length of my spine and the curves

of my hips receiving and giving

every ounce I can to this moment

of living as a creature who knows

how to create and release passion

to gather and weave it into my life so

I can breathe this wherever I go

and leave a scent so clear with love

it heals all who come near me 

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Small Hands

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