my inner child is a gun

my inner child is a gun

my inner child is a gun

A Poem by Zoe Canner

when i was twelve 

  i liked a boy so much 

    i made up stories about having a     d


          l     collection &when he said

    d      / yeah right / i felt i had to

             o      buy one so i never had to

        face being a liar / after 

dance class i pretended i was seeing a friend / but never told the friend &she 

just happened to call my house / &my mom flipped out &came to pick me up / i 

was only permitted to go straight to dance class &home / i had the  d i l d o  in my 

bag when my mom filled me with her emotions / as per usual / no curiosity / interest

/ or space / in her for me / she said / when we were parked / almost inside the house / 

safe / i would be able to hide the      d

                      i    / she said / i wish you were around in the 

    l      sixties / we would've been such good 

      d     friends / once inside / i skedaddled 

        o   into my room / locked the door / 

    unwrapped  the   d  i  l  d  o   







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