Flower Girl

Flower Girl

Flower Girl

A Poem by Marvin Ogbunezu

She stands on a cliff overlooking the entirety of the world

Barefoot footsteps dancing on the very precipice of change

Royalty blooms from her every orifice

Roses sprout from her eyelids, watered by her heavenly tears

Hibiscuses force their way through her lips, threatening to suffocate

Marigolds spring forth from her ears and lavender coils outward from her nostrils

She tears at her flesh and digs with shaky hands into the complex sinews nestled within her jaw

She unearths secrets within pulsing veiny petals, known to her and her alone

The inky secrets hidden within do not seek to reveal themselves

But rather they hide, they have seen the light of the world and they have no use for it

Flowers withdraw in their blooms when faced upon the harsh air

Hands claw at red strings pulling at her arms

In an instant, orchids and chrysanthemums burst from her raw wrists

Her veins transmogrified, roots in their place

She pulls at the strings at her legs prepared to bask in the glory of her truth

She tears apart the cocoon she formerly called her body

And takes solace in her pact never to let herself be misgendered

She claws her way out of her shell, the lies and the pain drip off her raw form

All manner of sprouts grows upward, waiting their entire lives to see the light of day

They fear the world, but they love it so much more now that they bloom in their true light

Dim fluorescence and feigned freedoms never comparing to the blinding nature of naked truth

With a heart burst through her chest, she takes off her final yet greatest disguise, her face

She claws it apart and all the sticky effluvium attached with it

Dahlias in all colors bloom brightly from her form, finally freed

Glistening tears of joy spill down her face

She stands aglow, taken by her form

Her body new and raw, a galaxy borne from a supernova

Infinitesimal stars make up her new form

She glances back at her old form, a fractured glance to the past

Stagnant and dripping with cruel expectations of a hapless society

She stares at her old face, pain and loss etched into its seams

Black tears drip forth from the eyes

She does not look at this old form with pity, but rather with strength

An absolute metamorphosis, an ultimate sign of her blossoming

She does not know where she’s going, or if this transformation shall be her last

What she does know, is that no matter what harsh tribulations the world holds in store for her

She shall deal with it in her truest form

She knows that at this point in her life, she is not one person, but neither is she two people

She’s an experience, and with her new form and her heavenly flowers blooming in the wind

She’s going to be a good experience.