Being Nature

Being Nature

Being Nature

A Poem by Sarah Lee

My toothed edges have sprouted to mountains 

I stand in awe of the sweetness my palms have created

The stickiest parts of me have 

Flushed into chilling spring rivulets

Wonderment sucks my whole like a lollipop

Encompassing every animal and insect on this body

How I’ve shifted molasses into honey

So similar in sugar and depth, but vibe entirely differently

I realize then

That this world was built for no bad

Demons sizzle as they touch my air

Melt straight into the core as they touch my ground

I dip acid and it crystalizes into sugar

Satan becomes smooth satin to pet

This light cannot contain any darkness

Much like water cannot withstand oil

A Treatise on Body Politics

A Treatise on Body Politics

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