Self Love

Self Love

Self Love

A Poem by Reba Earle

Loving other people is easy

You don't see their cracks and crevices,

Staring back through the mirror 

You don’t hear voices in their mind telling them not to eat,

Or the voices at 2 am keeping you awake

You don't have to remember all their mistakes 

You don't know their fears,

You can't feed their anxieties,

You don't know how it feels,

When their eyes cry and you don't know 

How their tears taste like oceans

You don't have their embarrassments,

You don't have their memories,

You don't regret the time they kissed 

The wrong person, 

At the wrong time 

Or the time they drank too much vodka,

and felt icy tile floor on their cheekbones until the morning

You don't know how many people they have loved 

You don't even know if they'll ever love you,

Yet loving them is still easier 

Than loving yourself. 

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