Around Light

Around Light

Around Light

A Poem by James Grabill

The sky rounds off, 

around capillary draw 

into architectural 

columns sea-spun 

out of mushroom licks 

in soil delivering mineral 

mid-afternoon in another person 

and another, on out, all holding 

and held by the sluice and pitch 

of moss-green simultaneous assumptions, 

in the dark and light knot parked here 

as matter tendering curves one with another, 

the different and same spun here, torn 

as from indivisible meridians arced taut. 

For each calculated point centers the way it is, 

complexity tying down what’s going to be needed, 

say by Samson laboring to hold up an executive 

office and atrium with varied counterbalances 

of planetary drive behind the hammered bronze 

mask of Venus worn by those heaving with grief 

for other animals in the long-range forest echo 

from before massive thinking managed to 

centralize, dispersed as it’s been within 

collaborating cells with leaf veins hungry 

for gravity from unobtainable photobarometric 

slopes burying imprints of ribs, as transpiration 

releases the next showering blue multiples, 

sea lions in rock-sled crawls, oysters cradled 

in spits, oceans undulating musculature, 

sunlight rippling over the white genetic horses 

of noon, with mycelial reaches that continue 

as if meaning still had a hand open in this 

long French film three months and counting, 

rolling on between aeronautical years of any 

soothsaid 2020s splashing down around bends 

where archaic mammalian ancestors have been 

located with the first unconditional mother 

baked up by bodily cells converging in mind, 

upright arousal powered by extended viscera 

and otherwise undetectable shuck around each 

parachuting haul of breath and magnanimous 

filling human chest carried by wide shoulders 

of sleep and back-lit underwater slowness, 

the infra-radiant speeds suspended in amoebic 

rotations as turn looming weave, nautilus spiral 

compounding before hundred-year suns 

congregate and collide in confluent pulses 

of the onrush toward knowing as offshore 

forests of kelp shield tiniest solar eggs glued 

to the crab-claw bottom of blameless mind 

in wind rippling orchards out of the rock 

and deep-whale glide as if bees weren’t gone 

and ashes of newly cut forests hadn’t turned 

translucent with modern vulnerability, 

spreading light over breakers as crush 

grains remaking them, returning 

what’s silken and buoyant, swimming 

with weight of so many asleep or awake 

in the moment wide waves circulate 

cellular shape through the feel 

of presence deciding on a feather.

The Wholly Separate Sides

The Wholly Separate Sides