love poem

love poem

love poem

A Poem by Andrew Lafleche

love is a ball cap with a straight brim

love is the ivy thriving in the shade

love is the first beer pulled from a freezer

love is turning off your phone to the unwanted call

love is a clean wipe after a difficult shit

love is the pain running from neck to thigh

love is waking to her dressing in your shirt

love is her slamming the door and bolting down the walk

love is an Epsom salt bath reading Carver

love is the tattered dictionary on the desk

love is having a desk

love is the chattering keys writing of love

love is getting up after two weeks on the ground

love is pulling yourself out of bed each morning

love is the nine-hundredth rejection letter

love is the car refusing to turn over in winter

love is chicken cordon bleu made from scratch

love is pulled pork hat on the radio following a midnight cigarette

love is finding five dollars in a laundered pair of jeans

love is everything I can see, and everything that is not me

He is Beautiful Like a Rainbow

He is Beautiful Like a Rainbow

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