Why I Am Angry

Why I Am Angry

Why I Am Angry

A Poem by Tyler Wolter

There’s this guy,

he’s twenty years old

and he is a man

He’s just moved into his first apartment

and he is living on his own for the first time

He has a part time job and he’s doing fine

He is happy and independent

and he is a man

He’s also diabetic

A part time job doesn’t get you

far in this world, does it? Apartments

cost a lot of money and insulin sure

is a bitch these days. There just isn’t 

enough cash to go around

He’s not going to ask his parents for money

or get a loan because he’s a man. A man

does what a man needs to do and he does

it himself. A man is independent

So he rations insulin

Because what is the difference between

a full dose and almost a full dose? Especially

when the insulin lasts an extra day each week

Especially when the rent is due tomorrow

He goes into a coma and dies.

He is now a dead man.

This is why I am angry.

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