Letter From the Editor . . .

Hello and Welcome!

        This is our official relaunch and we thank you for visiting our website. For those who are just now discovering us, Not Your Mothers Breast Milk (NYMBM) is an art website dedicated to the expression of the human experience through art. The site came to be over brunch one morning as we all complained about not having an outlet for our own work, but more importantly, not having a place to go to find art that reflected our own lives and experiences.

        We strive to be a space for artists to share their voice, speaking openly and uncensored about their views and experiences. In the past, we have shared work that was honest and sometimes raw in its portrayal of the human life. Some of the subjects we've covered are: body positivity, masturbation, relationships, and homosexuality. As we go into the new year, we're excited to share work that continues this journey of truth. 

        Art is the most powerful was we can communicate with one another. To reference a line from a recent episode of the Netflix series Sense8, "Art is love made public." We at NYMBM are all about love.


William Grant



Fuji Film Fixed Me

Fuji Film Fixed Me