He touched my body like he touched my soul

Like he knew that I'd been broken

And he knew it wasn't his job to fix me

But maybe, if he loved me enough,

He could show me how.

He could show me how to walk through my heart

And explore each ventricle

Look around an aorta

And see what there was to see.

He could show me each lump on my body

And tell me how it was war torn

How each little fat cell and stray hair

Told a story.

He could feed me pepper steak

And I would know that it wasn't to feed my body

But to fill my soul

And that was worth feeding.

The smell of garlic in the kitchen

And fresh bread on my plate

And dancing on the tiles

Felt like coming home

Not because I needed one

But because I could have one

Of my own


I created a body

Because I was worth it.

Because it was safe to.

Because in this adventure in my heart

No one would attack it.

No one would break it down.

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The Adventure of Art

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