Bipolar Timeline

This is the most intimate thing i have ever written--it is simply, it is to the point and it is a journey.


When I was five my father battered my mother.

When I was six I lived in a shelter for women and children.

When I was seven I made my Barbie dolls have sex; it made me giggle.


When I was eight my mother and I packed our bags.

When I was nine a boys smile made me blush.

When I was ten I cried for my father every night; it was beginning.


When I was eleven I was empty.

When I was twelve I felt nothing.

When I was thirteen I wanted to never exist; I was sad, oh so sad.


When I was fourteen I starved myself to look like the other girls.

When I was fifteen I found comfort in razor blades.

When I was sixteen I had a break down; nothing was good, nothing was great.


When I was seventeen I was okay.

When I was eighteen I left miserable high school.

When I was nineteen I started miserable college; and so it beginnings…again.


When I was twenty I became me.

When I was twenty-one I met my soul mate.

I am twenty-two, I am happy; for the first time I am truly happy.


I am a roller coaster—I am living within ever changing walls,

But I refuse to become a victim for I am a survivor.

I am full of life, I am full of new beginnings



This change is welcomed and embraced

With loving arms and pecks on the cheek

With a bouquet of roses i greet it at the door

I embrace new life, I embrace new beginnings.


He Saw Me As A Flower

Featured Artist - March 2016: Andi LP

Featured Artist - March 2016: Andi LP