Featured Artist - March 2016: Andi LP

Featured Artist - March 2016: Andi LP

     Say Hello to Not Your Mother's Breast Milk's first "Featured Artist," Andie LP! Each month, we will have a specific theme and a feautred artist that expresses that theme through their work. Read on to see how Andi LP takes on the March 2016 topic: New Beginnings! 

     The thing about new beginnings is that they tend to feel like endings. Mine certainly did. After having decided not to move back to my hometown over the summer of 2015, I experienced the end-iest beginning I’d ever had. In October, I left my father’s apartment in the middle of the night due to the fact that he is a damn alcoholic fool with a knack for emotional abuse. My sister picked my cat and I up in the middle of the night, and after thinking that was really it, I HAD to move back home, I realized I had in fact made friends here, and that I was not done with this place yet because they were cool with me living with them. I didn’t miss a shift at my job and was back in this damn city two days after I thought I had left for good. When I returned, I was pissed off and driven as all hell.

     Since October, I’ve managed to score a sweet promotion at work, find a place to live, and generally just kill it at being a human being. When I found my confidence, I realized people started noticing. People I genuinely look up to have blown my mind by telling me things I never heard when I was younger. I am impressive. I’m cool. (Haha.) People take notice when you don’t give a shit about whether they notice you. It is a weird experience. As I started doing my own thing, more opportunities made themselves available to me. Taking a break from school has taught me that my creative work does not need to be for anyone other than myself. And so I have started to do just that: create solely for the purpose of my own fucking happiness. I’ve gotten back to creating without the thought of likes on Instagram, without thinking about what any professor has to say about what I am making. To be honest, hardly anyone sees my work lately, and it is because I am working on me being happy with my own work, for the first time in five years. That is a beautiful thing. That is my new beginning.

     This collection of photos showcases my newfound comfortability with my sexuality and body. They are also comments on me embracing the “self destructive” behavior that I have adopted, I think as a sort of internal rebellion. These are things my parents had or have issues with, and this is in some twisted way me telling myself that I can make my own mistakes, and these are substances that I can do without allowing them to fuck my life up. There are a few self portraits taken at different times since my new beginning has taken place, as well as a few snapshots of the place I am living.

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