Lauren Crow: The Body Positive Princess


Residing in Portland, Oregon, photographer Lauren Crow delivers a powerful message that challenges how the world views women's bodies. Lauren incorporates nature, sex, and portraits to explain what it is she wants the world to know about women and their bodies and how the world is affected by how we view ourselves. Lauren’s photography oozes girl power and kitsch at its very, very best. Not only is she taking beautifully unique photographs, but she has a positive and powerful message behind each and every one. She defies the belief that there is only one type of beauty, but rather that everyone is simply different and we should embrace it, love and adore it.


In her photoset The Little Death , the photo’s bring life to the subject of women and self pleasure by photographing different women as they are at the point of climax during masturbation. Her purpose for this? Simple, to show a realistic view of women and sexuality. Very few times are we shown what real life women, not actors, look like in the heat of the moment, making these images shiny, new, and refreshing to the eye and her other photo sets don’t shy far away from the subject either.

“In terms of female pleasure, we are rarely shown what it really looks like. We are afraid to talk about it and when it is shown, it is from the male gaze in media such as pornographic films, which in general are made by men for men.” -Lauren Crow


Portraits, is a photo set collection of different people doing different things in different settings. Many of the images feature men, women, and Lauren herself, nude and making a statement; that bodies are bodies. Look at them and acknowledge how different each one is to the scars and bumps and bruises; listen to the story they tell. 


Lauren also addresses her own personal view of her body in the photoset Years of Change. Crow takes a photo of herself nude on the floor each year on her birthday in remembrance of what she has experienced through in a year's time and how her body has carried her through those experiences.

And Lauren is one of many who have hopped on the idea of body love and self acceptance. Many plus size models and other photographers have joined in the movement of accepting oneself for who you truly are, regardless of the changes you may undergo because of life's circumstances. Embracing your body, embracing its changes, and embracing all the amazing things it can do. Lauren’s photography does this concept to a ‘t’.  

Through her exploration of female sexuality in the media and body positivity, Lauren has shed a realistic light onto female masturbation and self/body love that has proven to be very relatable. The attention from her photos has given Miss Crow a strong social media presence with over eight-thousand followers on Instagram as well as various spots in Zines and articles from around the world.  


Miss Crow’s art form is a powerful thing that’s put into a form that everyone can enjoy and see as a form of activism against the all mighty and powerful media and it’s beauty standards. It’s hard to look at Lauren’s photography and not feel something. The beautifully simple photographs show a sense of freedom from the chains of beauty and a self acceptance and that’s something that everyone can relate to.

Don’t miss her new photo set coming out soon entitled Intimate . You can see a sneak peak of the photo’s on her instagram and tumblr blog.

Q & A With Lauren

Q. “What made you want to photograph naked bodies?”

A. “I started photographing myself naked as a way to explore my body as it changes and to find beauty in something that i'm conditioned to hate. I guess I started photographing others partially because I get bored of just shooting myself, but also because of a natural curiosity of the difference and similarities between bodies.”

Q. “Which photo set do you feel defines you and your work the best (if you can choose).”

A. “I don't think there's one particular set that defines me/my work as a whole because as an artist (and a person) we are always changing and evolving. "The Little Death" has received a lot of attention which is amazing, but stylistically with my current project, i'm on a whole different field. I always say that something I try to keep consistent in my work is a sense of honesty and softness. 

Social: Instagram- @4locrow


All photos were used with Lauren Crow’s permission and all quotes are taken directly from her.


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