A Song by Lana Rainey

I fell in love at Bonnaroo, and i wish I hadnt. I wrote a song about it while I was there.  It seems like I knew what was coming from the very beginning. I guess thats what being young is about. Its not recorded but we play it at every live show, and he’s always watching and I cant tell you how freeing it is to be able to tell him how I feel in my own way.


not tripping over shoes.

tripping over words you took two pills to try to lose



you’re too far gone to care,

falling over reasons why you love to sit and stare.


Dusty knees,

and failing lungs.

heavy eyes,

and two dry tongues.



not seing very clear.

You said “you are more than just another wasted year”



you’re falling all apart.

and you know I would gladly pain myself

to give my beating heart.


And I’m gone

falling way too hard and cautious too.

And youre gone.

Making it impossible to chose.




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